Featured Books
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Some Titles are just too good to be part of the crowd.They stand out, of their own accord. Here are some of our featured titles.

Grammar High, a book of English Grammar .

Backbone of English Language-

The study in these books will prepare the learner for the study of the structural parts of English Grammar that form the backbone of English language.

Accurate Examples-

Accurate Examples are given to learn and understand grammar in a better way.

We hope both the teachers and students find this attractive-

We hope both the teachers and students find this attractive and appreciate our effort in simplifying the English Grammar learning process.

Gunika, a book of Hindi Reader .

पुस्तकों में भाषा के परिष्कृत सवरूप को समझना -

पुस्तकों में भाषा के परिष्कृत सवरूप को समझने , जानने एवं व्यवहार में उसका उपयोग कर सकने की क्षमता के विकास को सर्वोपर महत्व दिया गया है I

साहित्य की विधाओं -

इनमे साहित्य की सभी विधाओं -कविता , कहानी, पत्र ,निबंध , संस्मरण , एकांकी, यात्रा - वृत्तांत आदि का समावेश है I

अभ्यास कार्य -

अभ्यास कार्य भी इस प्रकार में प्रस्तुत किये गए हैं कि बच्चे भाषा को सहेज भाव से सीख सकें तथा उसके प्रत्येक पहलू का ज्ञान प्रपात कर सकें I

Health and Physical Education, a book of Health and Physical Education .

Based on the Latest Syllabus-

Lab Manual Health and Physical Education is a practical textbook and notebook .It has been prepared according to the latest syllabus.

This book includes-

This book includes latest general rules, specification of play-fields, equipments required and terminology related to all general sports played.

Furnishes AAPHER Test-

It also Furnishes details of BMI and AAPHER Test.

Primary Science, a book of Primary Science .

Amazing Fact-

A Page that provides interesting facts about science-related topics .

Test Papers-

For overall assessment of children.


Helps a child think out of the box to answer questions.