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An initiative to spread education to the world, we have grown and adapted to its needs and changes in technology. With that change, have arrived our e-learning programs dedicated to impart knowledge to millions in half the time and effort.
From QPGs for intuitive understanding of concepts, auto learning MCQ algorithms, virtual lectures and teaching programmers and other e-learning tools at our disposal, Golden times Publishers is becoming a name that is on the tip of every educator.

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The future of
Indian Education

I am very excited to show what we can do for Africa. With our skills,
we can completely transform the African education landscape.

World Class

We provide high-quality content through our books. We invest a lot of time in the analysis phase to make sure that our product is of a different mould altogether.

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High Tech
Support Material

We understand that education has transcended books and has now entered a digital phase which is necessary to support books. We place special emphasis on our digital products that help children grasp difficult concepts easily.

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World Class

The strongest aspect of Reddot is the presence of a world class team that enables us to deliver hits after hits. We work in unison and compliment each other with our attributes.

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Our LMS, Our Pride


Our LMS is a venture that is a step towards total digitalisation of education. Civilisations have prospered after embracing technology and we understand the importance of the same. We strive to be the pioneers of technological revolution in Africa.