Goldentime Learning

Goldentime aims at making the learning and teaching cycle transparent, flexible, easy, and organized. We have made the best use of technology and digitalization to provide high-quality education to students across the globe through our innovative eLearning tools. The purpose of our eLearning tools is to provide interactive, simple, and personalized learning experience.

Our e-Learning

Facilitating efficiency in the system of education. Our e-Learning tools also offer students a choice to personalized learning.

Digital books/eBooks

You no longer have to carry several printed books with you as our Ebooks have several books and topics that you can easily access from anytime, anywhere with just a click. Doesn't that sound amazing to all the learners?

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What is better than listening to an author or narrator while doing other activities such as exercising or walking? Read about a chapter or topic anytime through our audiobooks.

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Test Generator and Question Bank

We provide a pool of questions in our question banks that you can access anytime. You can also conduct a self-test by using our customized test generator.

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Question Paper

A tool designed for teachers to create automatic test papers by randomly selecting questions.
This eLearning tool allows teachers and educators to create quick question papers that saves time and energy.
You no longer have to manually design the question paper.

Auto Create

We have used the best of technology to create this tool that runs on a powerful Algorithm that allows teachers to select the questions based on the data given them and automatically generates the test.

Support Pillar

User experience and interactivity is one of our top priorities. We have formed a complete support system with helper videos and a support desk to help you in case you need guidance or have any queries.

Custom Question

One of our specialized services that enables teachers to create a question paper or test with custom questions. This allows schools to have their personal repository.

Multimedia Content

Through this e-Learning tool, students will be able to grasp difficult topics easily as the chapter will
be depicted in different forms of multimedia, making it easier to understand.
Our multimedia content will empower you to learn things that are not mentioned in books.

Auto Create Mode

We use a powerful Algorithm to help teachers pick the available questions and present them in the paper. In the Auto-Create Mode, teachers are asked the number of chapters and their weightage, according to which the question paper is made.

Established Support

For helping the end-user in the best possible way, we have an effective and established support structure that helps those who need it by providing relevant helper videos and a support desk.

Question Paper

In order for a school to have their personalized repository, our Custom Question Paper service makes new question papers that have custom questions.

Digital e-Books

Not just a virtual assistant to a teacher but the easiest way of teaching, learning, or reading.
It makes the entire process of earning much easier and simple with easy navigation.

Easy Navigation

One of the best features of our Digital eBook is navigation. It allows you to easily search for the content that you are looking for by just a click

On-Screen Readers

Our best On Screen Reader employs the best engine for Text To Speech conversion and helps in enhancing the pronunciation skills of a student.

Integrated TRM

Our integrated Teacher's Resource Materials (TRM) in our e-Book comprises of schedule, questions, and answers.